Computer generated fractals, created with Colors', Points, Lines.


Collection Info -

A collection of 1,199 Generated points of color. The first 149 will be withheld from primary sales to reward the first 149 Discord members. 1,050 will be held for Primary launch date.

The First 150 to join discord will be put on a list and receive their NFT upon Sell Out

Drop Data -

Minting at a price of .69 sol per with a 1 per TX limit to keep a fair drop. Drop date is TBD and will be announced soon.

Secondary market TBD by Discord

Minting will take Place via Phantom/Sollet wallet through candy machine process.

Features -

Approximately, 2 weeks after sell out we will do an air drop for holders incurring a snapshot via grape protocol.

5 give aways of 10 sol each will happen upon sell out aswell.

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The First 150 members will receive a free NFT
A community of Expression, created to give Digital artists a platform of recognition built on the solana blockchain.

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25% SELL OUT: 20% of Total primary sales gets Donated to a charity of choice via Discord


50% sell out and we start the giveaways, 5 giveaways each winner receiving 10 sol and a 1/1 "Stroke"


75% sell out and their will be 1 lucky winner of 50 sol giveaway


100% sell out and we prep for the Airdrop Snapshot.
Shhh... holding both collections will allow a burn mechanic for the third set because this collection wont end